Note from the Chase Chronicles - Jan. 1932

                         OLD CALIFORNIA CITY

"The site of Oakland, California, was part of the holdings of Don Luis Maria
Peralta, who received vast grants from the Spanish crown. In 1842 he divided
his lands among his four sons and the two to whom this region fell
established themselves on their estates. From one of them in 1850 Moses
Chase leased a tract, and he became the founder of the future city. In 1852
the settlement was incorporated as a town and in 1854 it was chartered as a
city. The name was suggested by the grove of oaks in which the first houses
were built."  (Boston Sunday Post, Jan. 31, 1932)

Chase Chronicle - Oct. 1926

                         OLDEST HOUSE RIDICULES TIME

                     Home of Moses Chase still as sturdy as ever

"Surrounded by a well-kept lawn at the intersection of East 8th-avenue and
1st street, stands proudly and sturdily the first homestead built in
Oakland, California.

The old house in its 75th year, was built at the beginning of the gold rush
by Moses Chase, the first white man to settle in Oakland.

The residence is now the home of Albert Boynton Chase, a grandson and the
last direct descendant of Moses Chase, whose son was the late George Chase,
county treasurer of Alameda county for years.

                                     GRANDSON REMINISCENT

Albert Chase is proudly reminiscent of the days when, as a boy, he heard
with glowing interest of how his grandfather rounded Cape Horn, the skipper
of the sailing ship Capital plying between England and the Indies.

He heard of his grandfather's desire to quit the life of a sea captain and
return to his native home, Newburyport, Mass. Of how, after leaving the call
of the sea for the lure of the land, Moses Chase learned of the gold to be
found in California. The west then became his objective and upon arriving he
joined a band of prospectors and mined in the primitive fashion of the day.

The first California home of the elder Chase was a tent pitched at what is
now the foot of 7th-street, where it joins the mole. His only neighbors were
the Peraltas, who owned all the land west of San Leandro.

                      OLD HOME WELL BUILT

The word "home" began to pound itself into the heart and mind of the sea
captain and he began building a real house and home, carrying lumber from an
old sawmill to the spot on which stands the old Chase home.

Visitors note the fine carpentry work done in the house and especially in
the spacious old kitchen, the side walls and ceilings still being held
firmly together by the wooden pegs driven in by the erstwhile and ambitious
Moses Chase.

An old six-barrel firing piece, a boot-jack and a 100-year-old rug are among
the interesting antiques shown by the pioneer's grandson."   (San Francisco
Daily News)

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