Note from the Chase Chronicles- 1922

*  Please note:  The articles about the Salt Lake Valley Chases, was sent to the Chase Chronicle by Ella Chase, Historian of the Chase Genealogical Society, at Chase Park, Farmington, Utah.

" John Darwin Chase, son of Abner and Amy (Scott) Chase, was born in Bristol, Addison Co., Vermont, August 10, 1815.  His father died when he was a small boy and he was raised with his uncle, James Chase.

At the age of 22, he left his native state and went to New York to visit
relatives; his two uncles Isaac and Ezra.  While here he heard and embraced the Mormon Religion. He left there in the Spring of 1841, and went to Nauvoo to join the saints. 

He left Nauvoo in March 1846 on the way to the mountains, his was the second company to leave. When he arrived in Iowa he was called by President Young to go with the Mormon Battalion, as just at this time the government called for men to enter the U.S. service for the war between U.S. and Mexico.  They made a call on the Mormon people for (500) five hundred soldiers.  He enlisted in Company B. they being divided into five companies.  They went to Fort Leavenworth.  While there they received their muskets, ammunition, knapsacks, blankets, etc., and took up line of march for Mexico, passing through an Indian country between U.S. and Mexico. They reached Mexico and remained in service for one year, but did not get called out.  He married his first wife who he left with one son before he went out with the Mormon Battalion. 

The wife never came to Utah, but the son came after he grew to manhood.  He wintered in Pueblo on the Missouri River and left there in the Spring of 1847 for Utah.  In June of this year they received their discharges.  

They reached Utah just seven days behind Brother Young's Company, and were counted among the original pioneers. Chase settled in what is now the 10th ward in Salt Lake.  Owned there a city lot (1 1/2)one and one half acres.  Here he met and married a second wife Almira Higgins.

He was very soon called to help form a settlement in Sanpete Co. in fall of 1849, settling first at Manti. He was called to be Bishop of Fort Ephriam. From here he was called in the spring of 1856, to help build up Carsen, Nevada.  After returning from this mission, he settled at  Nephi, in the fall of 1857, They were called home on account of Johnson's Army coming. Moved to Moroni, where he buried his wife and two grand-daughters.  In 1862 he went on a mission to England, staying three and one half years. On his return he married Elizabeth Tuttle Coolage.  He took an active part in the Noted Black Hawk Indian War and was Moroni's first Mayor, 1876-79.

In the year 1884 he went on a mission to Vermont, his native state, and while there, hunted up a great deal of his genealogy.  On his return he moved from Moroni to Nephi, where he buried his third wife in 1891. The same year he moved to Huntington, where he lived with his children.

In 1897 he was ordained a patriarch. He was the father of seventeen children and eighty-four grandchildren.  He spent the latter part of his life working in the Manti and Salt Lake Temples.  He died in Huntington, July 21st, 1902".

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