A note from the Chase Chronicles - July 1917

"The October number will complete a volume, and with that number the
services of the present editor(William E. Gould) will end. He started
the Chronicle years ago and feels that he is entitled to a rest.

The magazine has now obtained  an enviable standing for thorough work,
and is sought for by historians in many places, while our own members
have been able to complete their lines and to gather much useful

The members will find a storehouse of Chase information which can be
found in no other publication. All who can do it should bind the back
numbers, or preserve them in some way as there is an  increasing
demand for them and the supply is quite limited.

Indeed some of the early numbers are practically exhausted and can be
consulted only in libraries where they are appreciated.  Probably few
of our members realize the vast amount of work that has been given to
the Chronicle during the past few years."


Issue of April 1914

                                 NOBLESSE OBLIGE

"My father who was a direct descendant of Aquila Chase once told me a
story of an experience of his, that so perfectly illustrated his
character that it has never been forgotten.
On the day of his marriage to his first wife, he had a number of miles
to travel to reach her home, where the ceremony was to be performed. A
furious snow storm came on in the night so that by the time he was
ready to start, no team could get through the drifts.

Nothing daunted, he walked those weary miles, through snow drifts that
often came to his waist and reached his destination but little late.

When he told me this adventure, I replied with all the assurance of
youth, "You ought not to have gone; of course she did not expect you
in such a storm." I have never forgotten his answer and have tried to
make it a rule of my own life. "She expected me," he replied, "I had

A.J. Chase


Issue of July 1914


"Some folks they're complainin'
       Because it ain't rainin'
An' some 'cause the weather ain't dry,
       But I kinder content me
        With all that is sent me
An' don't go to askin' 'em why.
   There's lots 'o good fun in
 The world the Lord's runnin',
Though it's sometimes a song an' a sigh,
     But when troubles are rilin,
         I jest keep a-smilin'
An' don't go to askin' 'em "why."

                    - Frank Lebby Stanton -


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